Happy Summer

Hello everyone,

This Saturday, 7/11/15 is expected to be our last day at the Vermont Farmers Market. We are nearly out of all of our products at this point, and… I am having outpatient knee surgery July 14th so it is unlikely that I will be there on the 18th.

I want to thank each one of you for helping us have the very best season in our long history. We are already planning for the 2016 growing season and your input is always appreciated and welcomed.

Be safe and healthy this summer, fall and winter. We’ll see everyone next spring.


Farmer Mike

We’re still going.

Hello folks,

With only days to go before the Summer Solstice, we still have plenty of “Short Season” veggie plants that can be tucked into your gardens. Broccoli (63 day), Brussels Sprouts (90 day), early Tomatoes (58-70 day), early Pepper (58-70 day) and Eggplant varieties (45-67 day), heat tolerant “Summer” Lettuce (50-56 day), bulbing Fennel (60-80 day), Zucchini (6 varieties, 48-60 days), Summer squash (48 day) Winter squash (6 varieties, 85-100 days), Italian purple pesto Basil, Italian green pesto Basil, lemon Basil and Thai Basil, Par-Cel cutting Celery, Italian flat leaf Parsley. (May have missed a few items, LOL)

Flowers still include, Geranium (8 colors), vegetative Petunias (5 colors), Verbena,  yellow Argeranthemum, patio Begonia “Ikon bronze,” Non-Stop begonia,  loads of million bells (over 16 colors), Bidens, Licorice plant (3 varieties), Vinca vine, branching Sunflowers for cutting, hardy Lavender, and a few others I’m sure that I’ve missed.

We also have 12″ combo Bowls, 8″ and 10″ Patio containers and as always we have beautiful hanging baskets available.

Happy gardening,

Farmer Mike

Local Freeze expected for Friday night!

Hey folks,

I’m not sure that covering your tender plants will be enough protection. Anything tender should be brought inside.

Safe, cold tolerant plants are, pansies/violas, cabbage, broccoli, kale, lettuce, chard.

Unsafe… Tomato, pepper, eggplant, zukes, cukes, etc.

Personally, I won’t plant my own tender cops until “AFTER” traditional Memorial Day, or May 31st.

Peace, Farmer Mike

A return to more “Normal” weather

Hello folks,

After what seemed like 2 weeks of well above average hot/sunny weather here in lovely Vermont (which me and the plants appreciated very much) we now find ourselves back to more normal, cooler, temperatures. We also have found ourselves in a lower than average rainfall period as well. Not that I’m complaining about that. People don’t buy very many plants or garden in the pouring rain,  so sunshine is my friend.

We have had our most successful opening weekend in our history. For this we thank all of you very much. We still have a large and great selection of beautiful hanging baskets, planters, color bowls and individual flowers to choose from. The cooler veggie plants such as kale, broccoli, cabbage, lettuce, onions and leeks are still in good supply. We now have cherry tomatoes ready to go and soon we’ll have a wide variety of tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, cukes, zukes, summer & winter squash ready also.

We are at Farmers Market every Saturday from 9-2, Grace Church on Sunday mornings from 10-1, and at the farm most weekdays, though it is strongly suggested that you CALL AHEAD (282-8420) before coming out. We have lives which must be lived and obligations and appointments away from the farm daily. Please call ahead to avoid unnesessary frustration on your part.

We are primarilly small local growers, not a retail garden center per-se. Most often we are a staff of ONE, and if we have a doctors appointment, or a child who needs a ride home from school we aren’t at the farm for an indetermined period of time during the day. We hope that you will understand this reality of our lives.

In our defense, we really do have gorgeous plants and it’s worth the little extra effort to make an appointment ahead of time. Just think how special you’ll feel being treated like a VIP.

: )

Peace and good gardening,

Farmer Mike

Spring flowers are ready!

Hey Folks,

Just a quick update.

Our pansies, violas, diascia and osteospermums are in full bloom and ready to plant. All are cold hardy and in fact enjoy the cool temperatures.  Also, we have Onion starts and leeks available while supplies last.

Million bells are going to be ready after May 1st. The rest of our babies should be ready for Mother’s Day.

Warm season veggies will be ready when we feel it’s safe to plant them outdoors, meaning after Memorial Day. LOL

Our plants are available at the Winter Farmers market on West Street, every Saturday from 10 til 2.  At the farm on Creek Road most days. Best to call ahead (282-8420) to be sure I’m not out wrangling the teenagers, at the doctor or getting a haircut. LOL

Join us at the outdoor “Summer” market in Depot Park begining Saturday, May 9th from 9 til 2.


Farmer Mike

2015 Season is about to begin!

Hello folks, Happy late winter!

Wow.  Just when I thought that we couldn’t possibly have two very cold and snowy winters back to back… Ugh… and here we are.

Due to the oppressive cold last season, we had our largest propane bill in our entire 13 year history. Luckily propane prices have dropped somewhat from last year, still, we’ve decided to delay firing up the big greenhouse for about 3 more weeks in an attempt to save fuel.

With some luck and a bit of March sunshine, things should still be on track for later this spring.

We’ve eliminated a few items which quite honestly didn’t do well for us. (always experimenting, sometimes failing…) “They Say” that if you’re not failing, that you’re not trying hard enough. LOL

But, we’ve add a few as well, and also brought back some popular items which had been troublesome for our suppliers but did great for us and our customers.

Of course there have been some pricing adjustments, mainly to cover the increases in soil (up 13%), shipping (up 15%), pots/containers (up 17%) and the dreaded propane. Two years ago we were paying a little over $2.00 per gallon, last year we paid over $4.00 (up 100%!) without raising prices, so far this year we’re looking at paying around $3.50 per gallon.  (still up 32% over 2013 prices)  We must either increase prices or we just can’t continue to exist folks. That is the hard reality unfortunately.

Stay warm, despite the winter wonderland outside our windows, spring is coming soon. Just hold on a little longer!

We are closed for the 2014 season

We wish to thank everyone for a great 2014 season.

This has been one of our most successful seasons in our history. That doesn’t mean we’re rolling in cash, it just means we’ve survived and prospered enough to continue for another season. In this business you take what comes your way.

Saturday, August 16th starts our new venture: Rhode Island Red’s chowder and clamcakes.

Stop by market and try some, it’s delicious!



Farmer Mike

Season is winding down a bit

Hello everyone,

Our season has begun to wind down somewhat over the past week or so. We still have plenty of beautiful flowers, baskets and containers available at the farm, a nice selection of tomato, pepper and Asian eggplant also.

We may not be down at the farm everyday from 10-6 as there are other items on our to do list. Doctors appointments, auto service appointments and other life duties. We ask that you call ahead 558-5073 to be sure when we will be here and so that you aren’t disappointed by missing us.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. I’m a one person show at this time of the year.


Farmer Mike



Sorry folks. Not going to the Fair Haven market this afternoon. Sposed to rain like this for the rest of the day.

Not worth the 1.5 hours to set up and then 1.5 hours to take down when most of the shoppers will be at home in their dry living rooms.

Supposed to be much nicer for Rutland market tomorrow. See you there!


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