Our consulting services will turn your colorless, barren property into beautiful, productive land!

We will “contract” grow plants for your gardening needs, if you require 60- 6 packs of red petunias we can grow them for you. We hope that you will understand that all contract orders must be paid in full when the order is placed.

Container specialties:

If you would like to use your own containers, we can custom plant them with our wide array of plants. It would be best to drop off your containers before our season begins (our transplanting season begins the first week of March). Planters may be brought to us anytime, but best growth is achieved by transplanting earlier. Feel free to drop us an email for price guestimate. Once we see your actual containers we can be more accurate.

Garden Consultations:

Once the seed starting and growing seasons quiet down… we are available by appointment for various garden consultations. Whether it’s a little kitchen garden or a yard full of fruiting trees and shrubs and lavish perennial beds we can help!

Garden revitalization and clean up.

Are your prized posies looking tired and worn out? Then it may be time for the Enchanted Flora dream team to swing into action. We’ll come by and refresh your weary soil and dig and divide older plants, create new lovely garden spaces eliminating unused lawn areas. Feel free to contact us for your quote today.

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We don't just sell plants, we sell success!

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