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Mike and Michelle amidst their enchanted flora.

We chose to have an “About We” page over the traditional “About Us.” Michelle and Mike are the WE and WE know and love what it takes when it comes to soil, high quality plants, and  the flowers and veggies that you love Oh So Much! Our loyal customers agree, we have the best plants in the universe!

So back to the beginning when  Farmer Mike was farming along and he met Farmer Michelle (she’s the pretty one). The year was 2004. Enchanted Flora Farm was established in 2002, but it was just a small embryonic little thing, which slowly grew into something much larger. We met at another local Farmstand where we were working and selling our own wares. Before we knew it our own little farm expanded and that became our only priority. Michelle used to show up very early to beat the heat, that first summer we had record levels of heat, siesta became a frequently used word. And she got up even earlier for Saturday market. “Time to cut the lettuce,” she would say as she rolled out of bed and into her flip flops. That summer we had over 2 acres of produce in the fields plus thousands of perennial, starter plants, hanging baskets and more. The days were long hot and a never ending workload that only a farmer would love. After a time a decision was made to downsize and focus only on growing the best annual and veggie starter plants, hanging baskets and perennials. We were hearing from our customers that “our plants” thrived in their gardens compared to others. “From now on we’re coming to get our plants from you first.” WE might just have the best plants in the universe.

Our horticultural practices:

We grow all our items using organic methods, natural compost based potting soils, we only use organic certified fertilizers, no chemical pesticides. Not Ever! We are not “Certified” organic, but practice as if we were. Certification is a long and complex yearly process with many costs. We honor Mother Nature for free.

We welcome you to visit us at our farm.

6 thoughts on “About We”

  1. Hi, Mike
    I visited your lovely farm today and spied the containers you put together for me. Gorgeous! I will be coming to the Rutland Market next Saturday (June 21 – summer :-). Would you please bring them in then?
    Otherwise, let’s arrange another time at the farm. Thank you.

    1. Hey Margery,
      I would prefer if we could do the pickup at the farm, as Saturday I cram the truck with as much as I can to sell on that day.
      You name the day and time. There’s nobody at the farm on market days Friday in Fair Haven and Saturday Downtown) as things have slowed down and I don’t like paying someone to sit and read a book. LOL


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