2021 online booking

Hey guys and gals.

Hopefully everyone is happy and Covid free. Our household is doing well so far. We must all maintain our vigilance this fall and winter when numbers are expected to spike. Now is not the time to forgo necessary and important pandemic safety guidelines.

This season saw a great many new people down at the Farm. This was both amazing and daunting simultaneously. Parking was a challenging issue, as was being able to serve everyone in a way that I prefer, namely individually. I grow a lot of unique items, some of which need a bit of explaining (just my preference) in order to be successful. I am a stickler for giving my customers the information they need to succeed.

Anyway, we will be using the “Booked In” online app to schedule appointments on the days when we will be available here at the farm. The reality is that I was so busy with customers arriving in a random and chaotic manner, that I wasn’t able to do additional later season seeding and transplanting. Please don’t get me wrong, I loved everyone coming down and supporting me here at the farm. I was overjoyed! (Covid did for me what a decade of advertising never achieved.) It just made other vital tasks (Watering was one) very difficult to accomplish and I hate the Big Box wilted plant look.

Booked in is simple and easy. We post our availability in half hourly or hourly blocks depending on the day in question. You then select the time which best suits your need. I’ve been using this system all summer with Star Barber where I get my hair cut. Works like a charm. No waiting.

I believe that using this easy and convenient app will improve our level of service and will be friendlier overall. I also plan to bring on someone part time in order to lighten the load. I’m very persnickety about how I like to take care of my plants. Growing using the organic method (not certified) requires a steady balance of dampness and dryness in order to avoid pathogens which are difficult to treat if they take hold. I prefer prevention.

On a final note. We lost a longtime customer and great human being late this summer. Lincoln Fenn. He loved gardening, loved life and loved people. He will be missed.

Be well, stay safe, and love each other.



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