we are in a drought

Hello friends and fellow gardeners. This has been one of the driest years that I can remember and the weather service says we have entered drought conditions. This situation, according to the NOAA 4th quarter weather outlook, will very likely continue through the end of this year and the higher temperatures will also likely remain with us too.

Plants, whether in pots, raised beds, or in the ground, require the equivalent of about 1″ of rain per week. This season, beginning as far back as April, we have not received anywhere near that amount on average. I personally have had to water my plants much more frequently than in recent past seasons.

The last time we had this little rain was back in 2005. It was very hot and dry, similar to this year’s overall pattern. I very nearly lost all my crops due to lack of water. After that scare, I decided to invest in and install Drip Watering Irrigation systems in my produce fields the following year. I no longer am in the business of growing produce for market, but Radical Roots Farm, who now grow on that same plot of land have continued the practice of Drip Water Irrigation.

Bottom line: If you expect your plants to achieve peak performance, they must be provided with necessary and adequate amounts of water on a regular, daily and weekly basis.

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