Hello hot sweaty masses

Man is it hot! There seems to be no real relief in sight for the next few weeks anyway. I spoke with my dad in Ohio this morning and they have been getting some much needed rain. Unfortunately it’s courtesy of major thunderstorms with high winds and its in the form of torrential intermittent heavy downpours and high winds,

Thats not the best for gardens, we need a steady gentle overnight rain which can seep into the depths of the soil where it’s needed. Heavy bursts of rain just run off into the street gutters and into storm sewers taking valuable topsoil along with it.

My dad sounded well, which was good to hear.

Regardless of the rain coming or not, we all need to water our gardens and potted plants during these inhospitable oven-like days. And nights! plants need the equivalent of 1″ of rain weekly in order to thrive and succeed, as do fruiting trees and bushes.

I’m concerned about natural food for birds this winter. The Mountain Ash trees here on the farm blossomed during the incredible heat in May. As a result, those blossoms aborted and the creek won’t bear any fruit which many species depend on to survive the winter months. I’m not sure if other fruiting tree and shrub species were effected. So far my fall raspberries appear unaffected, as do the tall Blackberry canes down the road which are in full bloom at the moment.

It was 103 degrees in two ov my perennial greenhouses at noon today. I’m going to need to invest in some 50% shade cloth for next season in order to lower the temperatures for those babies. Everything still looks good, though I have to water frequently.

Speaking of perennials, I still have a very nice selection of later blooming species many are budding and about to bloom. Call me 282-8420 if you’d like to schedule an appointment here at the farm, or stop by Saturday Farmers Market from 9-2. Be warned its first come first served when I’m at Market, nothing is reserved or held unless paid for.

Ok I’m actually considering a late Siesta, you might want to do the same until it cools off a bit later in the evening


Farmer Mike AKA Plantman

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