crazy season

Hello everyone,

This has been a very intense and crazy season. I’d like to thank everyone near and far for their support and business.

We’ve met a lot of new customers this year and continued to see our longtime regulars. I know some of you have been disappointed when we ran out of many items. You’d never know that I literally grew twice as much of everything this year compared to last year. I simply ran out of room and could not grow any more.

I tried to reorder many seeds, but the seed suppliers were also sold out.

I’d like to reming everyone to call ahead for an appointment. 282-8420. The only thing I’m doing in the greenhouses is watering a couple of times a day as needed. I AM NOT WAITING DOWN THERE, as there is virtually little or nothing to do, and very few customers coming by at this time.

I am taking the time to work on my own gardens and my house and yard.

So please call ahead.



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