Farmers market rules

Hello everyone,

There are many new rules from the State Department of Agriculture.

They would prefer that you pre-order and electronically pre-pay for your items. This presents challenges with impulse purchases such as hanging baskets and other flowering items. Some things just cannot be preordered. They prefer that customers pay with exact change so that returning change is not required.

A minimum of 6′ distancing must be maintained between vendors and customers. The State also prefers that you come alone so as to limit the numbers of people attending Market. The State would like all customers to wear masks or face coverings of some kind. All vendors must wear medical style latex, vinyl or nitrile gloves at all times. We must also provide hand sanitizer for anyone who would like to use it.

We will be there from 9am until 2pm each Saturday. There will be NO SALES PERMITTED BEFORE 9 OR AFTER 2. This isn’t going to be the usual way in which Market is conducted and everyone must abide by the new rules or it will be shut down. Please heed the rules.

I would encourage everyone to call me 282-8420 for an appointment down here at the farm where you can shop much more leisurely. I still prefer that you wear a mask or other suitable facial covering.

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