Hello fellow plant enthusiasts.

What a time we live in. Besides the usual challenges we face on a daily basis, we can now count CIVID-19 as a new and possibly (for some) fatal one. Not that any of us ever know if each day might be our last. The thing is that we all must take necessary precautions to make sure our loved ones, as well as ourselves, to help ensure that we will live to see another day. The vast number of us will indeed live to a ripe old age if a modicum of caution is practiced, and this remains unchanged in these trying times.

I haven’t posted anything recently because so much was unknown and still up in the air regarding our local Farmers Market and the curve of this virus outbreak. I honestly didn’t know how or if Market was even going to open this season. Thankfully it will be opening on May 9th. Last season we sold out of many flowering plants fairly early. I attribute this to the closure of Garden Time and the reduction of plants offered by Walmart. So I increased my production of flowering plants by 25-50% depending on what my sales records showed when I sold out of various items. This of course costs money. My profit margins, despite what many might think are fairly low after all the input costs are tallied. I was terrified that not having a location like Farmers Market to sell my plants (As close as we are to Downtown Rutland, It’s always been difficult to get people out to the farm where the plants are grown, and honestly it’s not pretty out here. An old run down dairy farm. We are set up for growing and not for retail and it’s just not esthetically pleasing. The costs/money required to invest in upgrading to a suitable retail infrastructure would be enormous for me and that’s just not practical.) would mean personal and financial ruin. As you might imagine, this potential threat was both stressful and depressing. 16 years in business and wiped out in a season. :*(

I’m offering many new beautiful varieties of flowering plants this season as well as veggie and herb starts. I’m sure that you will find them very pleasing. And recognizing that many people will be under financial stress, I’ve reduced prices by 15-40% to help my customers and to insure that they sell out. They do me no good if I end up sending them over the bank. I’d rather they go to good homes where they’ll be cared for and adored. Ultimately, I’ll likely still make the same total profit dollars in the end as I would in a regular season. I REALLY DO HAVE A HUGE INVENTORY THIS SEASON.

Anyway, wishing you all peace, health and reduced stress.


Farmer Mike

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