Chucking wood

Hey everyone,

I honestly don’t know if that fat little rodent in Pennsylvania saw it’s shadow or not. I don’t put a whole lot of stock in such prognostications. Nature does what it does and couldn’t care less about we humans. Unfortunately Humanity appears to feel the same about the natural world, at our own peril I might add. We need nature to survive, but nature doesn’t need us and won’t blink when we’re gone. Best we get our collective shit together before we’re in a situation which is out of our control, but one of our making.

The milder January was nonetheless very nice. My Chickens enjoyed being outdoors for many more days than last January.

February looks to be an above average temperature month as well. NOAA long range projections show a 40-45% chance of above average temperatures through the end of March, better that the last couple of seasons anyway.

I started up the main GH today. Installed a new potting bench top, birch plywood, smooth as glass, did some cleaning, will do more the rest of this week, then begin seeding Saturday. Perennials mostly, the following weekend will be seeding of onions, shallots, leeks, herbs and violas. The following week 14- 2000# pallets of potting soil will arrive. 540- 50# bags… hand unloaded and hand restacked here at the farm. Oh my back.

The first week of March, starter plugs of perennials and some slower growing basket varieties will arrive. Every week in March will bring new starter plugs for baskets and containers, plus much seeding of vegetable and flowering plants.

That’s it from the farm for now. Stay warm, be well, and hug each other often.


Farmer Mike “The Plant Man”

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