January greetings

After a topsy-turvy weather beginning to our Winter season, we inch closer to Spring as the days slowly get longer. The longer-term forecast calls for somewhat above average temperatures and below average precipitation. Ask me in May how that worked out. LOL

This late Fall we put new plastic covering on two of our greenhouses. It went very well and I thank everyone who helped me my deep appreciation and thanks. This should help contain heating costs, as older plastic can leak heat through micro-pores in the plastic.

A great many perennial and herb and annual flower seeds have already arrived. February will bring a great number of vegetable seeds to our door. Next week I will begin seeding perennials and some slow growing herbs. Some because they germinate slowly, some because they grow slowly and others because of both.

If you take a look at this seasons offerings, you will find many new items in all categories. Several new Dwarf yet delicious and productive tomato varieties. Many newer or returning annual flowering plant varieties. Last season we sold out of flowering plants fairy quickly due to the closure of Garden Time after 20 years, and because “Wally World” really curtailed their plant offerings. We have ramped up our production of flowering plants as best we could without investing in further infrastructure.

The reality is that this business with its smaller clientele, doesn’t generate the kinds of profits required for larger expansion. Next year I will be turning 60 and it just doesn’t make sense for me to pour scant resources into what is a short term business future.

I ain’t getting any younger folks, and I refuse to go into debt to expand at this point in my life. I love growing things and I will always do so until it’s physically impossible for me to do so, but I’ll let the next generation of growers take on debt if they see fit to do so.

A few items of note: We have held prices steady on10″ Baskets and patio Containers, single 5″ flowering plants and 3″ vegetable/herb singles despite the continuing rising costs of pots, trays, seeds, started liners and soil/transportation costs. We are hoping that heating costs remain steady despite the troubles in the Middle-East. Vegetable and flower 6-packs are now all $5 (4 for $18) mainly do to ever increasing seed prices. When hybrid seeds become 25-30 cents EACH, it is impossible to turn a profit at 4 dollars. And that’s before soil, tray, labor and heat. We offer many Heirloom varieties, but Hybrids are often more productive and disease resistant. Almost no price increases on Perennial plants, the exception is with smaller single plants, again due to the increasing cost of seeds.

I guess that’s it for now. I hope to see everyone this coming Spring, all healthy and happy and enjoying warm sunshine and cool soil.


Farmer Mike

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