Hello Folks,

I haven’t written anything for a while.

There were some health issues which left me exhausted and fatigued. (all better now. turns out it was caused by a medication to correct “essential tremor” in my hands. so now I just learn to live with the tremors… as infuriating as the are.)

We had a very difficult weather season last year starting with a severe lack of sunshine in March, which stressed the plants and attracted insect pests. (when plants are stressed they release chemical signals which attract predator insects.) Last spring it was a “Biblical” plague of APHIDS! We’ve always had some insect pests over the years, but never have we seen anything like this. As a result we lost about 30% of our hanging basket stock and many of our vegetable starts.

Then in late April, we had a terrible wind storm (75 mph winds) which destroyed our mid-sized greenhouse, we lost another 20 or so baskets during that even,  but the real damage was that we no longer had the space for our single potted flowers, so we couldn’t transplant them. That was about 1200 plants which never even made to market as a result.

So… we lost a wheelbarrow load of money last year. Not fun, can’t recommend it really.

But on to this year.

We have many new items to offer including many “Patio Garden” varieties bred for container gardening and for growing in smaller garden spaces. Even winter squash and delicious melons. Check out our Container Gardening gallery for photos and descriptions. We also have a great seed-grown Alpine Strawberry, “Temptation.”

The fruits are larger than a standard alpine type but retain the fantastic alpine flavor. They produce all season long as they are “Ever-bearing,” they are more clump formers and produce very few runners and are excellent in containers. Like all strawberries, they will require some winter protection. Hence the name Strawberry, as they are traditionally blanketed with a layer of straw during winter months.

Please check out our other galleries to see our flower and vegetable offerings. Many of our old standards, and many new and fantastic varieties await your review.

A reminder again to call ahead 282-8420 before coming to the farm. I am a care provider for my godson and am responsible for transporting him to and from his employment, and other appointments, plus my own appointments, grocery shopping and all of life’s other distractions.

Peace my friends,

Farmer Mike

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