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Hey folks,

Due to various changes in my daily life (I’m a caregiver for my autistic/mildly schizophrenic godson) I’m not down at the farm/greenhouse on any scheduled basis.

I’ve heard grumblings that “I’m NEVER there,” lol, and yet… someone is seeding, transplanting and nurturing those thousands of plants. I’m actually there quite a lot, but not always during “Regular” retail/business hours. It’s kind of hit n miss many days due to my family obligations. I’m like the “Shoemakers Elf”  who comes in (often under cover of darkness) to cobble the shoes.  LOL

My great friend Harold billings passed away 4 years ago, I am the God Father for his two sons. After Harold was gone, I took over many of the childcare duties he used to perform. I am the de-facto father figure for the two boys, 19 and 17. The older of which has many challenges. Not having ever had children of my own, I’m doing the very best that I can with them and with my small business. Years ago I made a commitment to Harold and Mary to look after the boys should anything happen to either of them. I have stepped up to meet that obligation and assist Mary in any way that I can. This means that family comes first and my business second. That is my  reality.

I very much appreciate the caring and understanding shown me by so many of my longtime and more recent customers. Thank you.     🙂

If my newest customers could call ahead and work with me on times to come by and select plants, I’m sure that you will find the high quality well worth the tiny bit of effort needed to schedule a trip down.

Again, to all, thank you for your patience and understanding.



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