Getting Seedy

Hello folks,

Well, we’re experiencing some of the lowest temperatures of the season (so far) here at the farm. Not much to do outdoors these days. I’ve been filling the time by updating my seed sowing spreadsheets with target sowing dates (one for flowers, one for herbs and veggies) and ordering seeds. I’ve gotten a few (25) items from Seed Savers Exchange out west, they have some cool and interesting varieties from yesteryear. Older “Heirloom” varieties usually have superb flavor and visual interest. “You eat with the eyes as well as the mouth” I was once told by a dear friend who passed some years ago. Truer words have never been spoken in my opinion.

Envelopes and boxes of seeds have been arriving nearly every day since last mid-week, this will continue through late March. Our first sowing of flowers (Pansy, viola, mimosa aka sensitive plant, rudbeckia, and snapdragons) and long germinating herbs, (Rosemary, and the Thymes, [3 types] lemon grass, lavender [2 colors, purple & pink] savory, marjoram and the like) sometime during the first week in February. I like to sow like items together with like items, the things that like the same germinating temperatures/conditions, and then some need light to sprout, others need dark, some don’t care either way.

In 2 weeks, I’ll be ordering 10 pallets, or ten tons, of bagged potting organic compost potting mix. Each one must be hand unloaded and placed in the barn for storage. That’s my February workout. LOL in late February the pots and hanging baskets arrive. They will be filled with transplants the first and third week in march. And all the while we’ll be seeding away, 430 items will be sown this season, this is why a spreadsheet is required, or it would be complete mayhem and chaos down here. LOL

OK, my day is at an end. Tomorrow morning I’m driving my godson up to Pico Mountain so that he can snowboard with his schoolmates. (I’ll be in the lodge, sitting in front of the big fireplace reading a good book. Something by Frank Herbert I should think.

Peace and good health to all.

Farmer Mike

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