August Notes

Hello friends and fellow plant enthusiasts. August is upon us and gardens are in high production. Many of you are inundated with excess produce, some of you may have lost plants to pests and diseases. Those of you with excesses may “Can, Jar or Put up” that excess for enjoyment during the winter months, or as gifts to be given during the holidays.

If you have excess but aren’t into “Canning,” please consider taking those nutritious delights to local food pantries, homeless shelters or places of worship.

Its a shame that so much food spoils and goes to waste in our nation when there are a great many people who are in desperate need of food for children and the elderly.

On a personal note, my left knee continues to improve, but is not back to normal as yet. Hopefully it will be healed by the time I head west to Yellowstone in September (courtesy of my parents) I’m hoping to get in a few good hikes while I’m out there. (Crosses fingers.)

Anywho… Good health and pleasant days to all.


Farmer Mike

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