We’re still going.

Hello folks,

With only days to go before the Summer Solstice, we still have plenty of “Short Season” veggie plants that can be tucked into your gardens. Broccoli (63 day), Brussels Sprouts (90 day), early Tomatoes (58-70 day), early Pepper (58-70 day) and Eggplant varieties (45-67 day), heat tolerant “Summer” Lettuce (50-56 day), bulbing Fennel (60-80 day), Zucchini (6 varieties, 48-60 days), Summer squash (48 day) Winter squash (6 varieties, 85-100 days), Italian purple pesto Basil, Italian green pesto Basil, lemon Basil and Thai Basil, Par-Cel cutting Celery, Italian flat leaf Parsley. (May have missed a few items, LOL)

Flowers still include, Geranium (8 colors), vegetative Petunias (5 colors), Verbena,  yellow Argeranthemum, patio Begonia “Ikon bronze,” Non-Stop begonia,  loads of million bells (over 16 colors), Bidens, Licorice plant (3 varieties), Vinca vine, branching Sunflowers for cutting, hardy Lavender, and a few others I’m sure that I’ve missed.

We also have 12″ combo Bowls, 8″ and 10″ Patio containers and as always we have beautiful hanging baskets available.

Happy gardening,

Farmer Mike

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