2021 Perennials and Biennials Zones 2,3,4,5.

I have always favored Perennial plants in my gardens. (I grow a great many varieties myself from seed) The initial work to establish them is greater, but so are the benefits and rewards of a flower garden which comes back year after year without fail.

Unlike “Annual Flowers” (they grow for a single year and then die with the first hard frosts) “Perennials” usually return year after year once established. Perennials have a “Season,” some only bloom in Springtime, some Mid-Summer, some in the Fall. The trick is to know what blooms when, and then select different species to keep the floral kaleidoscope of blooming going well into fall. It’s also important to understand each species needs in order for it to thrive, and how tall and wide it will get, if its a heavy or lite feeder and what soil type it requires.

I provide as much information as I can to my customers. I see myself as an educator and a source of information. I like to insure the success and survival of my plants, by offering the necessary information both they and my plants need to succeed.

“We don’t just sell plants, we sell success.”

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We don't just sell plants, we sell success!

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