2021 Living on the Sunny side of life

Ahhh… Sweet Sunshine… without its brilliance and warmth what a cold lifeless world this would be.

We have a large selection of sun loving plants, many are also  “Drought Tolerant” which does not mean you don’t ever have to water them, it simply means that they more easily recover from the occasional “Oooops.”

It’s hard living in a pot, with your roots constrained from their natural ability to seek out new sources of moisture and nutrients in the soil. These guys are totally and fully dependent on the care they receive from their human keepers. 

It is critical that potted plants receive regular watering (but without drowning them) and regular fertilization if they are to thrive, they will only perform as well as the care they receive.

No living thing is “Bullet Proof” just bullet resistant as we like to say.

We recommend that ASAP after you purchase your plants, that you establish a regimen of watering and fertilizing as recommended. We see many plants which are literally and needlessly starving to death due to lack of necessary vital nutrients. We grow organic, so we recommend Fox Farm “Tiger Bloom” or “Fish Emulsion.” But organic or not, please consider fertilizing, you’ll be amazed at the difference it WILL make.

These are all tried and true selections which survive and thrive in our highly variable New England weather patterns. “If ya don’t like the weather… wait five minutes.” Enjoy the visual feast.

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