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Nothing beats freshly picked grilled veggies! One of the mainstay grilling veggies is the squash. Summer squash and zucchini, to name some of the most popular.

We are very fond of the little known “Cousa” squash, it’s actually a type of zucchini from Israel and Lebanon. One thing that we believe makes it superior to it’s Italian cousins is that it stays firmer when cooked, especially grilled and possesses a pleasing nutty flavor. Yum!

Winter/storage squash: PMR = Powdery Mildew Resistant.

Cha-Cha, the best eating asian kabocha type, long storing 4-5 Lb. sweet, delicious fruits. Taybell, acorn, PMR,  bush type, high yielding space saving plants. BonBon, delicious 4-5 Lb. long storing fruits with incredible flavor. Butterscotch, PMR, delicious 1-2+ Lb. fruits have rich, sweet flavor, semi-bush, good storage. Pinnacle, spaghetti type, smaller 3 Lb. fruits with a nice nutty flavor. High yielding semi-bush plants. Limited storage.

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Bon Appetite!


Zucchini, Spineless Supreme, Hybrid, 44 days, great taste, very productive

Zucchini, Yellow Fin, 50 days, crisp flavor, moderately spineless

Winter Squash, Bush Delicata, 80 days, short restrained vining plants produce 1.5-2# fantastic flavored fruits.

Winter Squash, Bush, Buttercup Type,  Discus, 90 days, for large containers and small gardens. Very sweet 3# fruits with thick golden flesh, stores very well.

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