Peppers, hot, sweet, and unique

Other than some Red Knight, Red Ghost and a few Habanero’s WE ARE SOLD OUT OF ALL PEPPER PLANTS AT THIS TIME, JUNE 7th.

Whether you like your peppers sweet, sweet with some heat, or just blazing atomic hot, we’ve got peppers for you. Many of our customers report that the first time they’ve been successful growing peppers is with our plants. Luck? No siree planning, research and more research. We scour catalogs for pepper varieties which don’t mind our cool Vermont nights so that pepper success can be within reach of every gardener. We often tell folks that we don’t just sell plants, we sell “Success.” Why would you sell a pepper named “California Wonder” in cool New England? That’s just selling disappointment my friends.

Our sweet favorites for cool Vermont are: Ace, North Star, Red Knight, Islander, Biscayne Cubanelle, Merlot, Sweet Sunrise orange.

Some like it hot! Poblano Baron, Time Bomb, Jalapeno Chichimeca, Serrano HotRod, Peperoncini, Royal Purple and early Habanero “Helios.”

Due to growing demand, in 2017 we added Red Ghost, named the worlds hottest pepper. 


Green Vs red, orange, yellow and more:

Most, but not all peppers begin their lives dark green, but sometimes certain varieties will start out lime-yellow, ivory or purple. When you eat a green pepper, you’re eating it in it’s “Unripe” stage. Given some extra time and a little warmth those peppers will turn a rainbow of colors, and become even sweeter as well. Leave a few peppers to ripen fully and you’ll taste the magic.

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We don't just sell plants, we sell success!

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