Melons For Cool New England Summers

Unless you’ve had a garden fresh melon, you’ll not understand the true meaning of “Bliss.’

We offer melon plants bred in and for short new england summers. If you’ve had challenges growing melons before, these sweet juicy delights should change your luck if given a minimum of care and attention.

We were very impressed with “Mini-Love” when we grew it summer 2017 in a 10″ pot. We picked at least 6 sweet and juicy 2.5-4.5# fruits with a minimum of seeds and an incredibly thin rind. I even brought one to Colorado in my carry-on luggage when going to visit relatives. Needless to say, the TSA staff were… curious…  LOL

Did you know that fresh produce scans the same as plastic explosives? Who Knew!

2018 was Alvaro, a French Charentais melon, amazing flavor and only 65 days. I grew these in a large “Laundry Tub” filled with half Moo Doo and half organic potting soil. I will now be offering these every season. It would be a crime not to grow them!

Melon culture:

Procrastination is the melon growers best friend.

I NEVER put my melon plants in the ground until at least one and preferably two weeks after Memorial Day. I plant them in 6″ high mounded rows covered with black plastic and a drip line under the plastic to supply adequate water.  (Although the past two years I’ve been highly successful growing Melon plants in large plastic laundry tubs, in full sun.) Melons, like their cucumber cousins, need abundant water to thrive. This goes double with container grown melons.


We don't just sell plants, we sell success!

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