What would fine seasonal dining be without fresh, tasty and aromatic herbs?

Many culinary herbs also have medicinal qualities to them. In fact primitive humans used them medicinally long before adding them into our cuisine. Some may aid digestion, some relieve congestion. Whether you’re looking to flavor a fantastic meal or brew up your favorite calming tea or to ease a queasy tummy, have we got herbs for you.

We do not offer Dill or Cilantro starts, as they don’t transplant very  well and tend to bolt quickly after transplanting. These do best when direct sown into a container or garden where there are to grow. Cilantro should be harvested as whole plants, roots and all and not cut, succession sowing every 2-3 weeks depending on how often you eat it will keep you in fresh herbs.


Basil, Everleaf, compact 20″ plants are bred to have delayed blossoming, tighter leaf nodes and big flavor, excellent for containers, same great Italian basil flavor

Stevia, Sweet Leaf plant, 300 times sweeter than sugar, zero calories They like to be grown under dry conditions, chrysanthemum cousin.

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