Eggplant, Asian and Early Italian Varieties

Love em? Hate em? Unsure what to do with em?

Theres nothing like fresh grilled eggplant. The flesh becomes very sweet and tender with just a hint of crispness on the edges.

We offer 2 types of early Italian eggplant, and 3 varieties of Asian eggplant.

Myself, I’m tremendously partial to the Asian ones. Mainly because they’re much less work to prepare, no peeling, no salting, no patting dry. The skins are very thin, the cooked flesh is just like sweet marshmallow. I prefer mine grilled whole, basted with just a little olive oil. Although… I’ve had a fantastic curried Asian eggplant dish that a friend prepared which was just amazing. I’m somewhat famous for my Babaganoush. And believe that I may have invented the infamous “BabagaHumus,” a delicious blend of Humus and Babaganoush.  Of course all made from scratch. Now I’m hungry. LOL

Asian eggplants are best harvested at less than 8-10″ in length before the seeds form or harden. The asian varieties were bred for terraced mountain gardens, many at the same elevations here in Vermont, with the same cool nighttime temperatures.


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