Cucumbers, Slicers, Picklers, Asian and Container Types

Oh the snap and crunch of that very first garden cuke of the season!

We offer hybrid burpless types, pickling types, open pollinated standards, and 2 container varieties and a burpless long Asian cuke. (My personal favorite is the Suyo Long)

Cukes benefit greatly by being grown on a trellis. Cukes grown on a trellis are cleaner and straighter and take up much less room in the garden because they’re growing UP and not vining OUT on the ground. The other best practice when growing cukes is to put them in later like one “should do” with melons. Cukes and melons share a common ancestry in north Africa and the middle east. They like heat to do best in the garden. We never plant our cukes or melons out in the garden earlier than the 2nd week of June. They take off like a rocket and are highly productive.

Patience is a virtue, especially when gardening.

2020 retail flower & veggie retail prices

We don't just sell plants, we sell success!

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