Container Vegetables for Balconies, Decks and Patios

These varieties do wonderfully in larger containers or smaller enclosed garden areas. IN. FULL. SUN!

I have grown many myself as “Experiments” to  gauge flavor and productivity. I’m very much in love with Mini Love watermelons, Fantastico grape tomato and Honeybaby butternut squash. But it’s like being asked to pick a favorite child.

It is critical that potted plants receive regular watering (but without drowning them) and regular fertilization if they are to thrive and survive.

I recommend growing in 5 gallon buckets or the equivalent, 1″ drain holes are a must, as is plenty of  VEGETABLE FERTILIZER every week or two. (“Veggie Tone or Garden Tone” from Espoma is excellent. ) These varieties will not disappoint.

DO NOT USE “YARD DIRT.”  Use a good quality potting soil formulated for potted vegetable plants.

Yard Dirt, is too heavy and will compact, choking the roots and eventually killing the plants, plus there are fungal and bacterial pathogens which will attack your plants.

NEW FOR 2021:

Tomato, trailing, Red Profusion cherry type. Excellent in large hanging baskets or tall containers.

Further updates in February 2021

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