Broccoli Brussels Sprouts and Kale


We have a selection of Two varieties of Kale and Two varieties of Brussels Sprouts. One variety of Broccoli, which we feel is the very best.

(we no longer offer cabbage starts because every year demand has continued to drop and increasingly we would end up tossing the plants due to the fact that we weren’t even able to even give them away for free.)

We grow the varieties we grow because we believe that these specific selections are the very best for our area here in beautiful central Vermont.

While it is impossible to guarantee 100% success in every garden, these varieties have always performed incredibly well for us and our longtime customers.

If you find that you have consistent failure with these types of crops, you may want to have your soil tested for BORON deficiency. As low Boron equals low yields or dead cole crop plants.


We don't just sell plants, we sell success!

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