Tomatillos and Husk Cherries (Grown by request only)

Due to slowing demand, we will only be growing these to order on an as requested basis. We appreciate your understanding.

There are few experiences that measure up to eating your own garden fresh salsa as you watch the snowflakes drift earthward on a winters day. What would salsa be without the “Tomatillo?” This tomato cousin whos fruit is sheathed in a thin papery husk. They are long storing at room temperature and make an excellent addition to salads and sandwiches. Their flavor is mildly sweet, fruity and tangy. They add body to any salsa recipe.

Husk Cherries are another tomato cousin. Low growing plants produce scads of dime-nickle sized yellow-orange fruits posessing a unique tropical fruity flavor that some compare to pineapple. They are a welcome addition to salads, deserts, jams, compotes and chutneys. They are quite addictive too!

We don't just sell plants, we sell success!

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